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Golden Palace Online Casino

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FREE CASINO   FREE GAMBLING   FREE ONLINE CASINO   FREE ATLANTIC CITY GAMBLINGIN THE PAST Atlantic City became “the’ place to go. Entertainers from vaudeville to Hollywood graced the stages of the piers. Glamorous Hotels like Haddon Hall, The Traymore, The Shelburne and The Marlborough Blenheim drew guests from all over the world. Atlantic City’s future seemed bright, until World War II. After the war, the public seemed to stop its love affair with The World’s Favorite Playground. Possibly because of the publics access to national air travel, the shift of the population westward, the general deterioration of the city, or a shift in the public’s taste for more sophisticated entertainment, Atlantic City lost much of its shine; and most of its tourists. now A C is famous for C A S I N O S. 

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